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A pathway to clean energy!

Green Generation provides behind-the-grid utilities including electricity and gaseous fuels to The Port of West Virginia and its Riverfront Industrial Complex in order to hedge against fluctuating energy prices and to become more energy self sufficientenergy prices.

Plastic waste pyrolysis: Plastic waste recycling, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production, and electricity generation.

Anaerobic digestion to green hydrogen production: Food waste management, biogas production, and water treatment.

The Green Generation office is located in Follansbee, West Virginia, at The Port of West Virginia and Empire’s Riverfront Industrial Complex, a historical industrial center in the Ohio Valley.

Empire Green Generation is a subsidiary of Empire Diversified Energy, Inc.  Empire Diversified Energy owns the Riverfront Industrial Complex in Follansbee, West Virginia, and is developing the site into a sustainable inland river terminal (The Port of West Virginia) and complementary business units.

The Port of West Virginia

Located at the Empire's Riverfront Industrial Complex of The Port of West Virginia

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